IMPORTANT: In order to start sending the Web-Push Notifications to your subscribers you need to do the following:

  1. Install the Boostools Code
  2. Set up Opt-In Settings (to get subscribers)
  3. Create and Send first Web Push campaign


Install the Boostools Code

You can find out here how to install the Boostools Code


Opt-In Settings

Once you install the code on your website, you need to configure Opt-In Settings to start getting subscribers:


You can read more about this here.


Create and Send first Web-Push Campaign

Now it is time to create your first campaign. Please go to “New Push campaign”:


There are following Web-Push campaign types available:

  • One-Time Campaign 
  • Welcome Campaign
  • Opt-In Campaign

To find out how to create them please read Types of Web Push Notifications Campaigns



If you need to create subscriber segments based on various data about them you can do it in “Segmentation”:

Push Campaigns

All the Push campaigns that you have created can be found in “Push Campaigns”:

Here you can view the details, duplicate and delete the campaign.

To find out more about  “Push Campaigns” please read here.


To check on the Web Push Menu structure please read here.