Opt-In Campaigns is the distinct type of Web-push Notifications that allows you to create and show attractive OSM (On-site Message) capture forms before the Native Subscription Invite Message (the message " "Will you allow this website to send you notifications?" ) is displayed.


When the user clicks on "Subscribe now" you will be redirected to the Native Subscription Invite Message asking if he allows sending him notifications from this website (the text of the message can be edited by you any time):

Here the user needs to choose whether to "allow" or "block" notifications. If he allows sending notifications then Congratulations! You have got your subscriber and he will definitely receive your Web-push campaigns from now on. If he "blocks" them then the only way for him to receive the web-push campaigns from your website is to un-block the notifications manually:

If the user clicks on "Subscribe later" then the capture form will be simply closed as any other OSM form. The Native Subscription Message asking if he allows sending him notifications from this website will not appear on the screen:

However, by this action the user DID NOT BLOCK your notifications. When he comes back to your website or opens one particular page on it next time he will see the capture form one more time. It is up to you how often, where and to which users you want to show this capture form. The capture form "Display settings" for the Opt-in campaigns are the same as for any OSM campaign. You can read more about them here.

The Opt-In Campaigns are working only for HTTPS websites, so, before creating one, you will need to have SSL certificate on your website & also upload the setup files from Opt in settings page:



IMPORTANT: you can create as many Opt-in campaigns as you want and customize the capture form according to the page where it is linked to.

ADVANTAGES of Opt-In Campaigns:

-These campaigns persuade visitors to subscribe to Web-push notifications more effectively by using attractive OSM capture forms (the same forms we use for the OSM campaigns) with advanced "Display settings";

-You can launch separate Opt-in campaigns for every page or category of your website using different triggers & conditions showing your visitors the targeted subscription form at the right time and in the right place;

- These campaigns allow you to invite visitors to subscribe to the Web-push notifications on your website many times, without blocking native invitation;

To see the live example of Opt-In Campaign please go to our home page https://boostools.app/web-push  then scroll down to Web-Push Opt-in campaigns and click on “See an example”:

Now, let´s create one in BOOSTOOLS


Please go to “Web-Push”=> “Opt-In Campaigns” =>“Create Campaign”:




IMPORTANT: The process is the same as to create the regular On-site Messages (OSM) Campaign, please read here the detailed description.

In this article we will briefly review what you will need to do. In the “Form type” part you will be asked to add the “Campaign Name” and “Choose an Opt-In campaign form type”:

On the next page “Builder” you will be able to customize the capture form you selected:


To learn more how to personalize the capture form on your devices please read here.

After this please set the “Display settings”.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the campaign activation is set in “More Settings” => “Campaign Timetable ”. Simply define the date and the time of the activation and do not forget to set the correct TimeZone directly here:



Or in your “Account” => “Settings” => "Choose your account Timezone":



When you “Save” the settings without applying the “Campaign Timetable ” the campaign will be activated immediately. 




All the created campaigns will appear in the “Opt-In Campaigns”, it unites both, the “creation” procedure and the “campaign list”:


Here you can “copy”, “delete” and “edit” the created campaigns.