Boostools is the all-in-one platform that unites several lead generation marketing tools to Engage, Re-target and Convert website visitors.

By offering ONE interface, ONE installation code and ONE price for all three tools Boostools set the goal to simplify and optimize the marketing campaigns for the platform users. 

We hope you will like it here!

These are the first steps you need to take to begin creating the marketing campaings on Boostools platform:

1.Add the first website

Once you are registered, you will need to specify straight away your first website for the account.

When you add the website, it will appear in the list of the sites where you can manage each of our tools later on:  Web PushOn-site messagesNudges, Widgets and Exit Tab:

Every time you need to add the new website please use the button “Add new site”.

2.Set the Timezone 

Please go in your “Account” => “Settings” => "Choose your account Timezone":




3.Install the code 

The page with the specially generated installation code will appear once the new website is added.

You can send the code to your developer directly from your account if needed:



There is an option to install the Boostools plugin through Wordpress as well:




If you are having problems doing this, we will be happy to help you. Please write to and send us the credentials of the admin panel of your website and we will install the code for you. You can change your password afterwards if you wish.


Please install the code straight after you added the website. 

When the website is added and the code is installed, you can start setting up the tools and creating marketing campaigns.


IMPORTANT: The widget code is unique for each added widget / website but it is universal for all our tools. Once it is installed on your website all our tools become available. With one code, you can use all the tools at the same time or separately if needed.

You can always check if the code is installed or not by clicking here:

If the code is installed correctly then you will see this message:


 Congratulations! Now you are ready to create your first marketing campaigns with Boostools!